Food City in Johnson City 2017-02-23T13:46:40+00:00

Food City   •   Johnson City, Tennessee   •   Commercial Flooring


We are please to say that ESDockery had the opportunity to give our services to Food City once again. Below are some samples of what we were able to do for them at this Food City location in Johnson City, TN.

Store Front – Food City’s newest and largest store at 62,000 square feet is located on Sunset Drive in Johnson City. Freezer – Armstrong Vinyl Composition tile with diamond pattern. Beer Cooler – Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile with Portico Luxury Vinyl Plank in two colors around one of Food City’s newest product offerings. Pharmacy – Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile and Portico Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring along with Armstrong 360 Black Open Cell ceiling and Axiom perimeter trim.

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